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I build here many different projetcs including electronics, domotics, IT systems, apps, websites and softwares. Most of the time, i tell you how to build my projects, and i give you the source code.

I need you!

There is many experimentals games and programms on this website, and if you want, you can test and rate them to help me improve them. Thanks a lot for your time!

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About me

I am 16 and I am studying engineering in a french High School. I plan to study advanced maths in France or in the US. I have been self-employed a few times, making websites for clients, friends or family. In 2016, I won the monthly prize for the most innovative creation with my drawing machine 1.0. In early 2017, I started a new project called Liberatur, which is a social-media-like website used to share and remember books, and I am spending most of my time working on it. In march 2017, I went to the Cannes engineering olympiads with my drawing machine 2.0 (I was sponsored by my school).

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Do you want to know more about these projects, or talk to me personaly? I would be honored to answer all you emails as fast as I can.