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I am Jules Eschbach, a 2nd year student in physics at EPFL. I build here many different projects including electronics, domotics, IT systems, apps, websites and softwares. Take a look !

Here is the drawing machine that I built 4 years ago

Article about this machine

About me

I am 19 yo tech enthousiast and I am studying physics in the top class university EPFL. I have been self-employed a few times, making websites for clients, friends or family. In 2016, I won the Innovez award, a monthly prize for the most innovative creation with my drawing machine 1.0. In march 2017, I went to the Cannes engineering olympiads with my drawing machine 2.0 (I was sponsored by my school), and even though I only passed the departemental qualifications and not further, this machine and its many iterations tought me a lot about programming and engineering in general. I am now employed part-time by the Junior Entreprise EPFL, who offers different short term contracts with clients, and I there have the position of full stack developer. I therefore have strong skills in PHP, Javascript and SQL, as well as standard HTML protocols.
Recently, I started a new project called FoodStall.ch. This web platform will allow students to exchange meals to save money. Currently seeking funding, I've put this project in standby, now focusing on my studies.
EPFL has a singular admission process. Even though the bachelor can be done in 3 years, most students do it in 4 years, doing the first year twice. I was fortunate enough to be able to pass my first year in 3 semesters, and I am therefore seeking an internship internationally for the upcoming semester.

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Do you want to know more about these projects, or talk to me personaly? I would be honored to answer all you emails as fast as I can.